studying abroad

Studying Abroad

Most individuals are well aware that studying abroad can help tremendously broaden opportunities for any jobseeker. However, many students overlook the potential benefits studying abroad has on ones future career prospects.

While a post-secondary degree may help with an individuals critical thinking and problem solving skills, studying abroad can help sharpen ones cultural awareness, communication skills, flexibility and independence all of which are highly sought after skills from any future employer. When sifting through stacks of resumes, employers are looking for job candidates that stand out. In today’s difficult economic climate, individuals who have study abroad experience shine above thousands of competing applicants.

Studying in another country may also help direct your career interests. Through personal development and unique experiences, studying abroad may help direct someone into an interest or skill set they may not have otherwise developed. Studying abroad affords one the opportunity to develop their interests and become a well-rounded individual with a wide variety of skills.

Additionally, interacting across cultural barriers develops an individuals ability to negotiate and relate with a wide variety of individuals. As our society becomes increasingly culturally diverse, it is important for employers to attract and develop candidates that are prepared to work across multiple language and cultural barriers. Employers are constantly finding themselves competing in a global economy and are looking for a skilled, critically thinking workforce to compete internationally.

Being attractive to future employers is about more than good grades and textbook education. In order to stand above the rest, you must be a well-rounded individual with life experiences to match your academic record. Regardless of your study abroad destination, you are sure to develop yourself personally and professionally.

Source by Carl W Madison


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